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Advantages of CCTV drain inspection

July 16th, 2012

view from a cctv drain inspection camera

Most people today don’t think there’s anything strange about their doctors using cameras to find and treat illnesses. Ultrasound, colonoscopy, and capsule endoscopy have been around for some time now. They may not be fun, but an hour of discomfort is a small price to pay for possible years of longer life. If you knew that placing a camera in your body could keep you healthy, why wouldn’t you do it for your household drains?

Fortunately, unlike most medical procedures CCTV drain inspection won’t cost megabucks. The principle, though, is essentially the same. A trained technician arrives at your house with his or her inspection camera and equipment. The homeowner points out the problem, and the camera goes to work. As it descends through the pipes, the pictures it sends back show any and all discolorations, loose connections, breakages, and blockages. These are clear, full-color images too, by the way, not grainy black-and-white footage.

CCTV drain analysis serves many purposes, not just finding a problem once it has occurred. Preventive scans are a good idea, as they will show tree roots or other intruders that may be stressing or compressing your pipes. Other foreign objects – that ball your kids lost several months ago, for example – are easily spotted and removed with the use of CCTV.

Everything, including plumbing pipes, deteriorates over time. You may suspect that a pipe has collapsed or shattered, but without CCTV, how will you know which pipe and where? No one wants to spend the weekend digging up the yard in a random search that may or may not turn up the problem. When your drains are inspected with CCTV, the faulty pipes are easy to find. No one has to lift a shovel or get dirty.

Buying a home? It would be smart to invest in a CCTV drain inspection. First of all, if nothing is found, the buyer may proceed with peace of mind. Secondly, if pipes need replacement or repair, buyers may choose to use that as a negotiating point with sellers. If solving the problem will require more cash, time, and hassle than the buyer is willing to commit, walking away from that house may be a better choice. As with the human body, with drains it is better to know right away, so that the problem does not worsen or spread.

A CCTV drain inspection is a practical and effective method of finding out what’s going on below the ground. This is a job for a professional: you wouldn’t inspect your own colon, and you shouldn’t try to inspect your drains either. Qualified, up-to-date plumbers have all the equipment and technological expertise to perform the drain inspection for you, and do it right the first time.