Different Ways to Make Your House’s Water Hot

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Getting the best water heating system for your house depends on a variety of factors.

  • Number of people living in your houses, your water requirements
  • Place for installing the water heating system
  • Your Lifestyle
  • The climate of your area

These are the few active factors and you will need analyzing these factors and making the best investment for heating your water.

There are a few traditional methods for heating your water and similarly there are a few modern methods, which do not carry heavy installation or maintenance costs. Let’s have a look at a few methods through which you can meet your hot water requirements.

Electric Tanks

This system includes a special tank for heating water and the heating devices are located at the bottom and top of the tank. For this system you do not need any vents so they can be placed anywhere easily.

Gas Tanks

This system makes use of a fan, which is located on the top of a tank and induces special movements which as a result activate the combustion gases. These gases pass through the sealed pipes of plastic and embrace the walls of the structure. It makes use of a simple mechanism and this system is found in residential houses and commercial buildings. The maintenance charges associated with gas tanks are very low.

Direct Vent Tanks

We know that a sealed combustion water or direct vent carries combustion gases from the outside and during this process the gases are vented out with the help of single pipe. House air and the burner are not connected and this means the chances of gas spillage are minimized. This type of system works very well inside the homes which are sealed properly.

Tank-Less Heaters

In case you are looking for instant hot water then you can make use of tank-less water heaters that do not require any medium for storing the hot water. Electricity and gas units are both available for this purpose, which works on a simple principle of heating water. Water which needs to be heated runs into the unit with the help of a pipe and then an electric device or a gas burner helps in heating the water.

Solar Units

Solar power is being used extensively to heat water with the help of roof based solar collectors. You can use solar hot water systems as the main heating option or you can keep the solar units as a backup in case of emergency, when the main heating system is out of order.

You can take ample time to decide for yourself what the best option to heat your household’s water to meet your daily requirements. There are some expensive and some economical water heating systems, but you have to make sure that you choose the system which proves best in the long run.


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