Selecting the Suitable Bathtub – Great Looks, Technology and Size

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The choice of a right bathtub is no easy matter. There are manifold things to be kept in mind like what you want to use your tub for or your bathroom size for instance. Aesthetic looks rule as well as does technology. But what’s most important is the use you intend to put it to as there is no point in getting a whirlpool bath that you barely use. Nor is it advisable to launch into a buy without some background knowledge of what you are getting into.

Varieties to choose from

Alcove fit

Alcove fitting tubs are compact and can be used as multi-purpose ones and so you can bathe the children or the dog in it too. These are small though and ideal if you want a good soak as they are shallow.

If you can’t afford a bathroom for the kids then this type of tub is a safer bet and it has more utility as well.

Soaking ease

Soaking tubs will allow you to have ample room for a good soak and come in a lot of styles. Some tub styles can hold more water while others will contain less. The stand alone bath falls within this category and so does the Victorian clawfoot. If you want a larger tub, then double-ended ones would be better. These are ideal for those who want to end a hard day with a nice long soak without feeling cramped.

Techno tubs

Air and whirlpool tubs are the latest offered by technology and are supposed to give a soothing experience by their water massage effects. The air tub has a bubble-based system whereas the whirlpool is more of a water injecting system. The problem with such types is that you may not have a compatible plumbing system or tank and so the installing costs can mount up drastically.

No edge tub

The walk-in variety of tubs  come with a door so that you don’t have to step over the edge of the tub on entry and exit. These are perfect for people who are unable to move much or for the elderly. Since the door has a seal, it is watertight once shut.

Materials and matter

Every material has its pros or cons and the one that may eventually suit your purpose will have to be gauged through both its durability as well as whether it will complement home décor.

Durable but  needing  support – cast iron and enamel on steel

These tubs are coated with porcelain enamel as a coating which wears and chips of later and so can lead to rusting. This type of tub is considered to be the most durable and can be found in standalone baths and alcove varieties. However, since they are heavy, strong support structures are required for them.

Enamel on steel is similar though lighter and is as easy to maintain as the former.

Faux enamel look – acrylic tubs

These tubs have a good gloss and a look similar to the enamel tubs. They are lighter in weight though and can be scratched more easily but repairing is no hassle. Air and whirpool baths normally fall in this category.


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