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Efficient Toronto Plumbers Are a Must

January 22nd, 2013

When you end up with a problem relating to your plumbing system that requires a drain to be cleaned, potable water to be installed, a sewer be repaired, or installation of a plumbing fixture you need to call a trained professional – a plumber in Toronto. One of the most common tasks that plumbers perform is diagnosis and repairs of plumbing systems. Hiring a plumber should always involve some careful consideration for the contractor you are hiring. It’s important that your plumbing system be maintained properly to prevent costly service calls in the future. Make sure that the plumber you hire is experienced in their area of work; they should understand drain cleaning procedures such as drain snaking, hydro-jetting, and CCTV drain inspection. Any professional, licensed Toronto plumber will be able to provide service for your drain or plumbing needs.


An efficient, professional plumber will always take the most appropriate steps to provide an economical, long-lasting solution to your plumbing issues. In areas that provide rebates for plumbing work, your plumber should do their best to provide all the necessary documentation to the municipality so you can claim your rebate. This is particularly the case for instance in the City of Toronto where there is up to $3,200 available for the installation of flood prevention devices such as a sump pump or backwater valve.  With the stormy summer weather these devices can help to save your basement from flooding causing tens of thousands in preventable water damage.

When you encounter problems such as a collapsed sewer, or blocked drain pipe that you just can’t figure out on your own it’s time to call up a professional. A professional, licensed plumber will come out to your property and conduct a full investigation into the problem by way of a camera they insert into the problematic pipe. This camera will relay a high-definition video feed of the interior of your pipes, lit up with multiple LED lights on the end of the cable all of your problems will be revealed. This technique is called CCTV drain inspection and it will help to find problems in your sewer lines, drain lines, and any other pipe that can be easily accessed. This technology saves time in diagnosing the problem as there is no need to excavate and in most cases we can precisely repair the problem area.

Here are a few tips to keep you from calling your local Toronto plumbing contractor:

  • Always use a drain snake to attempt to clean your drain before resorting to chemicals which may cause corrosive damage.
  • Suspect your drain may be clogged? Pour baking soda and vinegar down it; this will help to break up some clogs and is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid pouring grease and oil down your drain; it may look like it goes down no problem but these substances build up on the interior of your drain system further down the line and attract other foreign debris.

With a little care you can manage to save a call to your plumber and prolong the life of your plumbing system.


Stop Your Basement from Flooding Today

August 29th, 2012

Picture of backflow prevention valve

Just imagine for a minute, you walk down to your basement like you always do, maybe you’re putting the laundry into the drier for instance. The light is off but you hear something unusual like water running when there shouldn’t be. When you flick on the light water if pouring into your basement! You frantically try to grab up your possessions that you don’t want to become water logged or damaged but there is only so much you can do. Time is limited and most things have already become soaked with water – water that in some cases is backed up from the sanitary waste sewer. Something you definitely do not want to be dealing with.

When it comes to your home you must do every little thing you can to prevent it from getting damaged, this is especially the case when it comes to your basement. A flooded basement can very quickly become an extremely costly problem to deal with easily ending up costing $20,000 or more to repair depending on your specific circumstances.

Backwater Valve Installation

One very important part of your basement you must have protected is your drain connection that attaches to the municipal sewer system. In stormy weather with heavy rainfall the water level in sewers can quickly build-up resulting in the water backing up into your home. In order to prevent basement flooding a device must be installed on you drain line called a backwater valve. The way this device works is that it only allows water to flow out of the valve towards the sewer, any water that is force back towards the valve will not be able to penetrate it as it’s a one-way only device. Always hire professional plumbers to perform your backwater valve installation as it is imperative that the procedure is completed properly.

Advantages of CCTV drain inspection

July 16th, 2012

view from a cctv drain inspection camera

Most people today don’t think there’s anything strange about their doctors using cameras to find and treat illnesses. Ultrasound, colonoscopy, and capsule endoscopy have been around for some time now. They may not be fun, but an hour of discomfort is a small price to pay for possible years of longer life. If you knew that placing a camera in your body could keep you healthy, why wouldn’t you do it for your household drains?

Fortunately, unlike most medical procedures CCTV drain inspection won’t cost megabucks. The principle, though, is essentially the same. A trained technician arrives at your house with his or her inspection camera and equipment. The homeowner points out the problem, and the camera goes to work. As it descends through the pipes, the pictures it sends back show any and all discolorations, loose connections, breakages, and blockages. These are clear, full-color images too, by the way, not grainy black-and-white footage.

CCTV drain analysis serves many purposes, not just finding a problem once it has occurred. Preventive scans are a good idea, as they will show tree roots or other intruders that may be stressing or compressing your pipes. Other foreign objects – that ball your kids lost several months ago, for example – are easily spotted and removed with the use of CCTV.

Everything, including plumbing pipes, deteriorates over time. You may suspect that a pipe has collapsed or shattered, but without CCTV, how will you know which pipe and where? No one wants to spend the weekend digging up the yard in a random search that may or may not turn up the problem. When your drains are inspected with CCTV, the faulty pipes are easy to find. No one has to lift a shovel or get dirty.

Buying a home? It would be smart to invest in a CCTV drain inspection. First of all, if nothing is found, the buyer may proceed with peace of mind. Secondly, if pipes need replacement or repair, buyers may choose to use that as a negotiating point with sellers. If solving the problem will require more cash, time, and hassle than the buyer is willing to commit, walking away from that house may be a better choice. As with the human body, with drains it is better to know right away, so that the problem does not worsen or spread.

A CCTV drain inspection is a practical and effective method of finding out what’s going on below the ground. This is a job for a professional: you wouldn’t inspect your own colon, and you shouldn’t try to inspect your drains either. Qualified, up-to-date plumbers have all the equipment and technological expertise to perform the drain inspection for you, and do it right the first time.

When Should You Hire a Professional Plumber?

May 14th, 2012

confused woman

One of the most valuable DIY lessons is knowing when to call a pro

While there are some minor plumbing jobs that a homeowner can perform without assistance, there are times that a homeowner needs to hire a professional plumber to make certain that the job is done properly. A professional plumber will know how to handle a problem and can handle the problem more quickly than a homeowner. Here are some things for a homeowner to consider when determining whether or not to hire a plumber.

Get your problems solved, correctly

Making certain that a problem is handled safely is one of the best reasons to hire a plumber. Leaks in an upstairs bathroom or water pipes in a wall can create a safety hazard if the leak comes into contact with electrical wiring or other electrical devices. Leaks in these hard to access areas can also encourage the growth of mold. Mold is not only expensive to treat and remove, but mild mold growth can be deadly for the young and old and those with respiratory problems.

Stay out of hot water!

professional plumber

A pro plumber can really save the day!

Hot water problems are another situation that is likely to require the attention of a plumber. Problems with the heating element or other components of a hot water tank require expert repairs to prevent the creation of an unsafe condition. An improperly repaired hot water tank can produce scalding hot water or can produce excess pressure that may rupture the water heater or water lines. Repairs of any problems with devices that use natural gas, propane or other flammable gases should be performed by a professional.

Thinking about mucking with your sewer? Think again.

A homeowner should also contact a plumber to deal with any problems caused by sewer lines. Sewage or sewer gases backing up into a home can cause significant health problems. Sewer gas is also flammable and can create a deadly situation if not properly repaired. A plumber will also have the needed experience to perform or recommend that proper cleaning procedure to remove the residue from sewage.

Worried about your pressure?

Excessive water pressure is a problem that is generally best handled by a plumber. Excessive water pressure can cause damage to water lines and any device that uses water. High water pressure can also create leaks that can cause safety hazards or cause extensive property damage. Though not generally a safety hazard, low water pressure is a complex problem that may require the experience of a plumber to quickly diagnose and repair.

Keeping you up to code

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades may require the services of a plumber to make certain that the repairs are performed to meet local regulations. Though a homeowner may be able to make useable changes in either room, work that is correctly performed will cause additional expenses to get the home to pass an inspection when it is time to sell the home. Building codes and other regulations exist to make certain that homes are safe and energy efficient. Completing work that does not meet local building code may result in property damage and possibly even significant fines.

These are just a few examples of situations where a homeowner may need the services of a professional plumber.